During a time when schools are overloaded with evaluation, accountability, and testing, Teaching Better offers a compelling and refreshing vision that shifts the focus from evaluating teachers to improving teaching.

Based on two decades of research and practice in both Japanese and US schools, Brad and Genevieve Ermeling masterfully combine rich artistic images, carefully crafted metaphors, and detailed narrative examples of collaborative instructional inquiry in real schools facing real problems. These images and case studies restore the full color, depth, and detail to powerful ideas such as “lesson study,” “collaborative inquiry,” and “reflective practice”—ideas now popular in US schools but so loosely defined and broadly interpreted they rarely produce intended results.

Packed with practical tools and resources, Teaching Better includes reflection questions, presentation ideas, templates, tools and application exercises for each chapter. A companion website features full color, digital versions of the artwork and downloadable resources that can be customized for any school context.

Through this unique combination of imagery, narrative, and resources, Teaching Better empowers leaders, teacher teams, and facilitators to:

  • create shared vision around key principles of continuous improvement;

  • deepen understanding of essential skills and mindsets for collaborative instructional inquiry;

  • establish a framework for supporting inquiry across multiple teacher teams;

  • and find inspiration to persist with steady, systematic improvement over time.